About opengov.se

Opengov.se is an initiative to highlight available public datasets in Sweden. It contains a commentable catalog of government datasets, their formats and usage restrictions. The percent figure on the start page indicates the share of datasets that are available with an open license and in at least one open format. Information about datasets are available in RDF/XML (see link elements in the Atom feed).

The goal is to highlight the benefits of open access to government data and explain how this is done in practice.

Govtrack - increasing government transparancy

A second goal is to enable public access to the documents that constitute the government decision-making process. A first step in this direction was launched in September 2009 with the Govtrack section. Currently it is possible to browse government committee instructions scraped from the government website. These are linked to committees, departments, laws and European union legal acts, enabling citizens to monitor when committes are formed in a particular area. An API based on Google's GData protocol enables citizens to create custom feeds.

Open Government Working Group:

The Internet is the public space of the modern world, and through it governments now have the opportunity to better understand the needs of their citizens and citizens may participate more fully in their government. Information becomes more valuable as it is shared, less valuable as it is hoarded. Open data promotes increased civil discourse, improved public welfare, and a more efficient use of public resources.

Media coverage

In august, opengov.se was mentioned on national television and it has been featured in local newspapers.

Please note that this is my personal project and not a government website.

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